Lid LED dimming

Anyone else confused by the light dimming when you open the lid, as in a dark room placing or retrieving material, that’s when you’d want it as bright as possible?


ROFL! Believe it or not, that was an added feature. It used to blind you when you opened the lid.


I agree, it made it easy to inspect parts, make photographs, etc.

As @Jules noted, the GF team “fixed” this feature and I’d really like it back.

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If you want to experience it without the dimming, I think putting it into recovery boot (by holding the button down for just the right amount of time while turning it on) loads firmware that doesn’t have the dimming feature. I accidentally did that once and opened the lid, and it was… not pleasant.


Amen. It could be a little brighter than it is now , but it used to be…uncomfortable.

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I preferred the full bright with lid open


Ugh - how hard could it be to give you a setting to choose whether to dim or not?

I’m an Android/Windows guy, so I like options… not being forced into doing things one way. Why can’t there simply be a “Open lid brightness” slider?!


Same here.

I agree in principle, although every option is another code path to test. Worse than that, actually, since they can interact, so it can get pretty ugly. And speaking of ugly, the slippery slope of options can lead to what most would not consider the paragon of user experience…


Good point - the more settings there are, the harder it is to test releases. And something like “lid LED brightness” would be hard to cover in automated testing, since it involves a hardware operation (opening the lid, seeing how bright the LEDs are).

Thanks for all the feedback–I’ll make sure the team gets it.