Lid lens scratch

Have a blurry side on trace images. Took out lid lens to clean and noticed two little scratches that appear an orange color when held to the light. Would the out of focus image be caused by the tiny scratches?

Is this a part covered under warranty?

Thanks- pb2u2

I’m confused about what you are referring to.

The lens on the lid (that lifts up) or the lens inside of the head, that you remove with the lens removal tool?

You might want to take a picture of the scratches and post it so that support can take a look at it. They would know.

Wow, your lid lens just came right out?

If that’s the lens under the glass lid it’s not supposed to be removable and it’s now a matter for support 'cause it’s broken.

If it’s the one under the top of the head then it depends where the scratch is. If it’s close to the edge probably no big deal. Anywhere near the middle & it’s best to replace it.


My mistake…it is the lens in the black print head. Very small scratches that appear orange-ish when holding it to a light. Will they cause any issues in printing?


@Jules where is the link button on the reply screen to do an attachment/picture?

It is the print head lens. My mistake.

Oh, just start typing up a new post, just like I’m doing here, then start a new line and drag and drop the picture onto the post. It will upload automatically.

Thanks for letting us know about this.

Can you upload a photo of the scratches like @Jules suggested?

Regarding the blurry trace designs, did cleaning the camera on the lid help?

If not, please take a screenshot of the image you are tracing that shows the blurriness and post it here. You can also email it to us directly at if you’d prefer!

Thanks in advance.

@jaz I will try to do that tonight.
BTW: I am having a problem of trace pictures having white areas though the original is all black, or another solid color that will then be shows with parts of the color or black parts having white areas in it.

Is that common with solid color images…having white blotches show in the traced image?

We had a major storm come thru and lost electricity for 20 hours. I will try to share the photo of the scratch Monday.

I’m sorry to hear about the power outage.

Regarding the white areas in your traced image, I suggest trying these keyboard shortcuts to adjust the image:

  • To darken, use Control-Up Arrow (Windows) or Command-Up Arrow (Mac).
  • To lighten, use Control-Down Arrow (Windows) or Command-Down Arrow (Mac).
  • To remove small details like dirt and noise, use Control-Shift-Up Arrow (Windows) or Command-Shift-Up Arrow (Mac).
  • To restore small details, use Control-Shift-Down Arrow (Windows) or Command-Shift-Down Arrow (Mac).

We’ve also prepared a tutorial that contains these tips and more!

I see you’ve also emailed us about the lens and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.