Lid lense scratch

Just got my glowforge and noticed what looks to be a scratch on the lense that is on lid camera. At first i thought it was plastic covering it but cant find a way to peel it off and nothing in the instructions said to peel anything off…

If it’s raised, it might be a little spilled glue. (And there’s no way to tell if it will impact the function without setting it up and turning it on…but you might want to wait to get the go ahead from Support.)

They might be able to tell by looking at it that it’s not going to work. You can try using the Zeiss wipes to gently rub it and see if it flakes off.


Thanks for the suggestion @Jules.

This could very possibly be what you see on your lens.

Can you please attempt the steps that @Jules suggested and let us know how it goes?

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I see you emailed us about this with an update that cleaning the lens with a cloth worked, so I’m going to close this topic. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, please post a new topic on the forum or email us at We’ll be happy to help!

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