Lid on Glowforge not level when closed

Hello… I’ve had my Glowforge for 2 weeks, and my Glowforge came out of the box like this. This issue has always bugged me but I didn’t think much of it, until I remembered that the camera is attached to the lid, so in order to get an accurate shot of the material, the lid needs to be closed tightly. It’s pushed more to the left side, and the right side is not closed all the way. When I force it down and continue holding it, the photo adjusts accordingly. And the smell is much more obvious when I put my nose against that gap as opposed to the left side. Now I’m starting to wonder if in fact my basement isn’t supposed to smell like wood burning. It continues to linger even 2 days after using the machine.

The 2nd picture shows the right side, and the 3rd picture shows the left side.

your surface needs to be as close to flat as possible. not necessarily level (although that’s nice), but flat. the GF body has some flex to it, so if the surface isn’t perfectly level, you’ll have issues like this.

fortunately, the solution doesn’t have to be finding a new, perfectly level surface. you can use some small shims to level out the base of the machine until the lit closes better.


LOOOL, oh my God, I’m literally laughing out loud. I feel like such an idiot. That did the trick. I swear, I’m smart, you have to believe me.


This is a common issue, so don’t feel bad. :slight_smile:

Also, make sure you’re removing any masking and scraps if the smell bothers you. A lot of the smell lingers on those.


Now you can just enjoy the fun!

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don’t feel bad at all. as @christym said, this is a common issue that comes up with new owners (it was an issue with me 2+ years ago) and it’s not an obvious solution.


Great tip, thanks.

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Thanks @shop, that’s correct. I’m going to close this thread - if you run into the same trouble, go ahead and post a new topic.