Lid Open (AND IT'S NOT)

I am beyond frustrated. It is the middle of the week and I am now a day behind on orders and support doesn’t seem to be in a rush to help me out.

Has anyone been able to actually solve the lid open dilemma or did everyone end of having to send their GFU back? As many others have noted the software is showing my lid is open though the lid is closed. Nothing extraordinary occurred, just opened the lid to remove a project and add new wood yesterday morning and it has been reading lid open ever since.

I have done absolutely everything.

  • I cleared my cache
  • Rebooted my computer
  • Rebooted my wifi
  • Cleaned the machine x 3
  • No debris in front door
  • Front door is closed all the way
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You might want to check your cable connections following the instructions shown in the post here:

Posting pictures will help support to diagnose the issues with your machine and speed up resolution. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. Bummed that is one of the steps we did as well, with no luck.

Sounds like you’ve done all the prep work then, as soon as support looks things over they might have other suggestions for things to look at. Good luck.

I’m having the same issue :confused:
I was on chat with someone yesterday and received an email with the 7 step instructions/photos. After I confirmed that the issue is still present with the person on chat, she said she was referring me to a senior colleague and I haven’t heard anything back yet. Trying hard to be patient but like you, I have an order to fill and a craft show on Saturday. After reading this thread I also checked the clips and everything looks fine. Can someone let me know what the usual response time is?

Thank you!

We just went through this…running the same job multiple times - pulled out the cut stuff, put in a new sheet of material, closed the lid and…‘Lid Open’…

It took 48 hours for GF to respond in any manner…

In the end, it was the black cable that runs along the back of the lid. They sent me a new one, I changed it out and now we’re back in business.

I have, however, seen a bunch of ‘Lid Open’ problems sweep across the Problems and Support section. I’m interested to know what’s behind that.

**edit - added link:
This is my pos t
The pictures I sent sped up the resolution of the problem.

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I’m very sorry for the frustration. We received your email with your shipping address and we’ll be shipping the replacement part right away. Since we’re working on this in email, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.

@keithfry, we try to keep threads in Problems and Support to one issue per thread but I wanted to let you know that you should hear from us later today about next steps.

I had to push and push to get a response. Don’t stop messaging and emailing until you get a response back. They are sending me a replacement cord for the back of the lid, but after reading the messages in the community, I am not holding by breath this will fix the issue.

This seems like a widespread issue.