Lid open error any ideas?

I keep getting a lid open error and have done everything to try to fix it. Unplugged it, cleaned it, restart the computer, restart the program. It was working just fine and then this afternoon it just kept giving me the lid open error. I’ve tried the email and chat support but have no resolution. Any ideas?

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Welcome to the forum. Can you confirm that your glowforge is completely level? Also, you can try opening the front door and looking for any little bits of debris that might be preventing it from closing completely snug.

Yes, it’s level and has been sitting unmoved for almost 7 months. I’ve cleaned and checked everything around the door. It can’t get any more closed than it is.

If you’ve already gone through email and chat support, there isn’t much that we are going to be able to add, I’m afraid. You’ll now want to wait to hear back from them. They will get in touch with you when they have a decision on what they want to do about it.

(Good luck! Hope it’s something they can have you fix remotely.)

Keeping my fingers crossed. Had a job I was supposed to have done tomorrow. Guess that’s not happening.

Dan mentioned once way back that you can use magnets to bypass the door interlock on a passthrough slot. It’s terribly unsafe, but possibly worth a try for your tomorrow project?

Obvs he didn’t specify exactly how, but worth playing :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a PRO. Thanks though.

It shouldn’t matter - if you can bypass the door lock you can bypass the door lock…

I’m afraid a Lid Open Error isn’t something you can bypass. It’s likely a bad connection.

Support will be able to tell from looking at the logs. They’ll let you know what to do next.

I hope it can get fixed as quickly as possible, I have things that needed to get done and I’m almost in tears.

There was another thread that had a link to a “how to” for checking all the cables for the lid (was related to the lighting), but if there is an issue with a connection or the clips that hold the cable, it might cause this error, too. But you should now have a ticket open & someone from support should respond to this soon.

My unit has given me a lid open error once & a while–some creative cursing & scolding and turning it off and ignoring it for a few hours & was OK to go again. Sometimes it seems to be eGremlins. (Though I totally emphasize with the pain of it not working!)

But not only a question of having your machine level, but make sure the work table it’s on doesn’t flex/move at all.

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. I see you’ve already emailed us about this, and I just followed up there with some next steps. I’m going to close this thread - thanks again for letting us know about this.