*Lid Open* error message / Camera cable replacement needed

I am in desperate need of the white cable on the left side of the machine that connects to the camera. I am not sure how it became damaged but here I am. Originally my error message was that it could not connect to my camera and instructed me to try to recalibrate. My internet is stable and there are no connectivity issues. After a few ‘on/off’ attempts, it then got stuck on the ‘Lid Open’ error. After consulting this group and doing a LOT of research, I have deduced that it is this cable on the left side of the machine going to the camera. Is this something I am able to purchase and have rushed or will I need to wait a few weeks for GF to ship out a new one? I have seen that GF is historically out of replacement parts so am curious if this is available off the shelf somewhere?

Any support from someone with experience with this issue or from GF would be fantastic.

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That doesn’t appear to be damaged, only disconnected. Have you attempted reinserting it in the receiver and securing the latch?

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I only unattached it to inspect the connectors :slight_smile: It is fully inserted. I really should have taken a photo with them in :slight_smile:

I disconnected the cable to let it rest for a few minutes before connecting it again, turning machine on/off etc.

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Okay, thanks for the clarification. As for your follow-up questions, that type of cable is purpose built, they aren’t typically available off the shelf anywhere but from the manufacturer of the machine in which they are used. They are designed for a particular length, number of circuits, circuit structure, shielding and environment so you’re going to have to get one from Glowforge… but unless you’re in the habit of disconnecting and reconnecting that cable on a regular basis, it’s unlikely that it has failed. It’s far more likely that the LED light strip is what’s failed, simply because of the number of soldered connections it has on board, and their susceptibility to failure when exposed to aerosol and liquid spray cleaners. I would recommend contacting support and ordering the LED light strip ($25ish) and the camera cable if you really think that might be the issue.


I figured it was purpose built and my chances were slim that I could fix this on my end but thank you for the confirmation. My lights still light up continuously and are as bright as usual so I thought it would most likely be that cable, at least from the research I have done throughout this community forum and other misc online groups.

I am hoping to hear back from GF in a timely manner to get it resolved but I really appreciate your insight! I will look into getting a new light strip on my end because I need to get lighting installed on my 100W laser anyways :slight_smile: It’s one of the more frustrating things that GF keeps most of everything to their own brand making repairs reliant on them.

Hello, @shuannaholt Thank you for reaching out to us in the Forums! I am happy to say that the white lid camera cable is a replaceable part that we can ship out to you. I sent you an email requesting your shipping info so I can get this sent out to you. I am going to go ahead and close this forum post and look forward to hearing back from you through email. Thank you!

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