Lid open error message no luck

Please help! My machine is saying the lid is open when it is not. I have followed all tips i can find on this site and still no luck. I’m not sure how common this issue is but i have only had my machine for about six months now and it isn’t used too terribly much to be worn down yet. I have; made sure my machine/ table is level, removed crumb tray, made sure all wires are secured, cleaned machine, re cleaned all points where lid closes/ magnets, cleaned behind/ under front door. Front door does click securely in place. Any tips you have please! Is there any way to bypass this so i can still cut or no? I am assuming i need to replace that black cable in the back but the website says that is out of stock. I did submit a request too

Welcome to the forum - sorry your first visit here is a problem!

You can see the magnets in the front door - and where they would touch on the lid - if you cover them and the machine thinks the lid is closed, then it’s something wrong with the connection. If it’s still thinks it’s open then it’s something else - or at least a different location!

Hopefully Support can see something specific in the logs.


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