Lid Open message , going on 4 days

I love my GF and the whole idea behind the GF, which is why I am so disappointed. It has been almost 4 days and my GF wont work because it thinks the lid is open when it is not. the only communication from GF was an email that they received my email. i am not ashamed to say i believed in this product so much that i put myself in $6000 plus debt thinking i could start a business with a few GF’s. unfortunately in the 4 months of owning one i have had multiple issues with the device and i get 300% better customer service on my $50 prepaid cell phone. I still believe it is a great product and i hope i am alone in the issues i am having. i greatly appreciate all the advice and suggestions ive received from the gf community but i am looking for swift resolution from the GF Staff at this point.

i would prefer the topic to stay open, with posted updates, until the problem is resolved so that way the gf community can see what the process is to resolve issues like these in future.

No you’re not. Supporting the needs of a business (vs hobby, crafter or Etsy) market is not something the company is setup to do. The multiple messages over multiple days or weeks that problem identification & resolution can take are simply too much for any commercial enterprise that is dependent on it as the driver for their income. The cloud model doubles-down on the risk.

My personal feeling is a commercial operation should look for something like a Trotec, Epilog or ULS. Just about everything is under your control that way and you have multiple sources for parts & support and they’re built around businesses being their customers. Unless you can pile up stock when the GF is running you always have the risk that you’re going to turn it on and it won’t work and you might be days or weeks from a solution. Even a small disruption like we’ve seen recently with the cloud provider can crater your day’s plans.


I’m so sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.