Lid Open message in a Pro

Hi there, I need some help. My GF pro had the lid unattached for a bit now and I’ve been using it like that, with no problem. But know it’s saying lid open and it won’t change from that. Can anyone had this problem. How can I solve this I have some projects to finish.

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It determines whether the lid is open by the cable that goes from the lid into the back of the machine - if you’ve been using it with the lid unattached, is that cable still intact?


Yes the cable looks attached.

Attached does not mean intact. Are there any bends or breaks in it - are any of the connections loose - or the teeth bent?

The lid uses magnets to verify if it’s closed - so you can place magnets along the front where the lid door usually hits and see if that makes the message disappear (don’t print like that though, because that also removes any sort of auto-updating of your view!)


Mmm!!! Thank you I’ll have to check on the cable a little closer.


I had that issue after installing a new black cable and both ends looked good, but pushing, I felt the last bit of click and it worked after that. If those are stressed they can be damaged and need a new black cable. I would suggest at least a few drops of CE glue to stabilize the lid if not repair it.

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