"Lid Open" Message When Lid Closed

Received my Glowforge Plus about a week ago. This evening I loaded and cut yet another SVG. When I opened the lid I noticed it hadn’t cut all the way through, so I put the wood back in but when I shut the lid the lights went off. I then noticed the Glowforge app was saying “Lid Open”.

I opened it, rechecked the front panel and top door to make sure flush - they appeared to be so. I then followed @Vee’s instruction here: “Lid Open” message when lid is closed - #3 by markjones1066. Even after removing the crumb tray, checking for debris, etc, could not get the “lid open” message to resolve itself.

If it is of help, about 80% of the time when I have the lid open the lights are on, but when I start closing it (maybe I’ve rotated the lid 10 deg or so) the lights flicker than shut off. The remainder of the time the lights are on bright when closed but turn off (or greatly dimmed) when opened.

I’ve read through the forums, but don’t see anything that people have tried that I haven’t (cleaning hinges, checking light cables, trying new instances off the glowforge app).

I’m mystified as to the cause - thanks for any help you can provide!


Update: Added video demonstrating the lighting issue/symptom. Demonstrating both light flickering/turning off at specific point while closing lid + being able to lightly rub/tough the top to get the lights to slowly turn on when lid is closed. Sorry for the terrible video quality (and any ensuing seasickness!)

Probably not your cause, but just a situation I have ran into (today actually). I had the lid open when my hotspot decided to reboot itself. The UI, for whatever reason, was stuck on lid open after everything came back up.

Going back to the home screen and forcing a refresh of the page got it going again.


Thanks for the idea. I went ahead and rebooted the WIFI and restarted both Glowforge and App. No dice, but was worth a shot. Thanks!

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Did the app update with “offline”? Or, when you turn the unit off, does it show offline?

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Yeah, it shows offline when the GF is turned off (or early after being turned on).

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Definitely sounds like a connection or ribbon cable on the lid. If the lights go off when moving the lid I can’t think of any other possibility.

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I agree. After I posted the message I noticed that when the lid is closed if I lightly run my finger on top of the lid on the the gray area near the back (past the clear part of the glass) the lights start turning on brighter and brighter as I continue doing that until fully on. So I agree some kind of connection issue. My finger trick doesn’t fix the Lid Open issue, but does seem to confirm a wiring/connection issue.

You could try opening and reseating the ribbon connector at the back circuit board. It’s one of those flip up connectors. With power off.


The cable’s super stiff (stuck down), and don’t want to mess up any return/exchange possibilities. When I released (unlocked) the cable, it was taking more force than I was comfortable exerting on it to disconnect so I could reseat it :slight_smile: However I did, while unlocked, at least try pushing it down to make sure snug. Same with the 2 connections that that main one leads to on the left/right. The left (my left) one is really taut compared to the one on the right (cable a little short) and appears lightly strained, so if I was to guess at a potential problem connector, I’d pick that one.

It’s a good idea, and if I wasn’t under under warranty, I’d certainly go all in and disconnect them and reseat all 3. Just not comfortable at the moment until I hear from GF support on the go-ahead, heh.


had this issue two days ago - refreshed the computer screen and it went away

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Yeah, I’ve rebooted my computer, restarted Chrome, etc. I even turned it on first thing this morning to see if maybe being off overnight fixed it. So far still same issue.

When you said you had the same issue, did the lights turn off when closing the lid, etc (see video), or mainly the Lid Open part of the issue? Just curious!

Thanks for the thoughts on the computer being maybe the culprit.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. We’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.