Lid Open message!

ok i got this message some months ago, or year ago, that my lid was open when is was close, after leave the machine without working for almost 2 days, I give a try and the machine start to work like always! it was fine, till now, I got again the same message, but this time i change the black cable, after make all the other suggest things, but again I got the same message after changing the black cable, then I turn off the glowforge then turn on again same message, I give a little tap in the back and the message change to ‘‘focusing’’ after several minutes without change i turn off the glowforge and turn again, crossing my finger that the GF works but no, same message ‘‘LID OPEN’’ i start to feel is for the sensors, or something please heeeeeeelp :((( i just got my first big order and this happens now, whenever I have an order to do with glowforge something always happens, I already feel nervous with every order I receive, and I wonder what happens to glowforge today

The Black Cable leads to the LED cables which leads to the sensors at the other end . When I installed a black cable I had that same experience and it was the plug-in to the LED cable that I had to reset. That Black Cable is very tricky to get centered and strain on it will cause an issue, but aside from reseating the plug to the LED cable it may mean another Black Cable.


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