Lid Open On GF+

I just recently unboxed my Glowforge Plus and set it up today, followed the instructions and hooked it up. Powering it on and going to do my first project i am getting Lid Open. I have turned the machine on and off multiple times and removed the crumb tray and reset it back in place. I can not for the life of me figure out how the lid can be open. I didn’t see any loose wires or connectors, any ideas would be extremely helpful, thank you.

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If you just got it, you need to contact support to open a warranty claim. Posting here doesn’t start that clock!!


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How disappointing to get this error message before enjoying your Glowforge. Support needs to be contacted, and while you wait for their answer check to see if your machine is level. There is flex built into the body and it can twist slightly. Also, try removing the crumb tray entirely and making sure the front door is closed securely.


I even went and leveled it like you suggested hoping that would fix the issue. I also removed the crumb tray and turned the machine on without it and still got the same lid open message. I did put a ticket in so hopefully I can get an answer.


At the back of the lid is a black ribbon cable that connects to the side LEDs and the bottom. At the other end of those LED bars are the sensors to tell if the lid is closed.

The first thing to check is that the fold down door is closed. If it is not completely closed the sensors will not sense it.

If that is correct the places where the black cable plugs into the LEDs is delicate but can looked plugged in when it was not. I had that issue when I had to replace that black cable after opening the lid too far. The place where the black cable plugs into the machine has a lot more room now, but if you do manage to stretch it , it breaks in a way that you can’t see and needs replacing.

A lite pushing (gentle messuage) on those three plugs to be sure they are firmly plugged in could fix the issue.

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