Lid open when its closed and lid Lights are on - tried all suggested fixes and still not working

I have read all the threads on this subject. Most ask if the lights are on or off but don’t explain what it means if they are on. Assuming if the ribbon is disconnected the lights wont be on right? my lights are working so assuming that is not my issue. I have refreshed the browser, tried new browsers, powered down, cleaned crumb tray, check door connection and still says lid open. Desperate for more things to try while waiting to hear back from support, also is there any way to contact support via phone or chat, instead of through email and waiting? Thank you!

It can also be caused by a failure in the lid cable. You can check the connections to make sure nothing popped open, but if those look good, you’re gonna need to wait for support.

(If you regularly open the lid fully upright, get out of the habit of doing that…it can stress one of the lid cables and cause premature failure. The top lid has piano hinges so that opening it fully is not necessary.)

Watch for the chat option on the Support page as they do have that service.

Is the Lid Cable different than the ribbon that attached in the back right? Also would the lights still work if that was disconnected?

They might. No way to tell from the outside though, Glowforge support has to look at the logs. All we can check for visually is to see if the connectors are closed and see if there is any visible crimp near where the back lid ribbon/cable passes over the metal lip when the lid is opened fully upright.

ah ok thanks so much! Do you know when the chat option becomes available?

With a bad lid ribbon cable it’s quite possible for the lights to be on and the camera, or door sensors not to work. Or the other way around. There are a bunch of wires in that cable. One broken wire and you might lose one but not all of the functions. Or it could be a ground wire and you lose everything. It depends.


No, I don’t, I’m sorry. They will get to it, and the more you contact them (posts here, emails, chat tickets) the longer it is going to take them to review the problem, because each method opens another ticket for you, and they all have to be hunted down, compiled and closed. Just contact them once and then wait to hear from them.

Thanks so much, hope they can get back to me today, I have a few orders that need to go out by friday. I just posed looking for a local user in Nashville TN to see if I can hire someone to print a few things for me while I get this sorted.

Yep! Good plan! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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