"Lid Open" -

Got the cable from you… installed it… all the lights are on… still says Lid Open

Also the camera image has not refreshed… it shows the metal base with out the crumb tray… but I do have the crumb tray in with a piece of board on top

Can you please give this some priority… it’s been 3 months now

kind regards

This happens when the machine hasn’t been able to contact the mother ship.
Are you showing Offline? Is your WiFi up and running? I’m going to presume you’ve been through the WiFi steps before so not list them all out here, but if not, let us know and we can walk you through them.


Thank you for your reply deirdrebeth

Yes I’ve gone through the wifi setup several times… my setup is the same as it’s been for 3 years… it works… I’ve also turned off my VPN and gone through the setup again, holding down button to get it to teal then go through the wifi setup etc etc… it says it’s connected… each time… but nothing

Still says Lid Open

I should add that I sent it to Glowforge for another reason… when I finally got it back it then came up with this new problem… I have been sent a new lid cable… I’ve fitted it… all the lights are on

I’ve gone through the wifi setup

Still says Lid Open

Any one from support got anything to add

Any news? @dan please help I have not had use of my glowforge for 3 months

Please help, something please give me something… I should not be pleading with you for basic communication

I’m so sorry to hear that installing the cable didn’t resolve the lid open message. I just replied to your email with the next troubleshooting steps.

Since we’ll be working on this there, I’m going to close this thread.