Lid still open even after changing black lid cable!

Lid Open issue. Been down for several weeks waiting on a new cable. Replaced cable and it is still showing that the lid is open. I have lights on, and everything appears to be intact. Email to Glowforge says three days until they will respond. Losing money every day we can not operate this machine. Owned this machine for less than two months and have only had it operating for a few weeks due to waiting on returned emails from customer support. Is this common?

Has anyone else found any other issue than the black cable?

So incredibly frustrated with this machine and the atrocious service. Buyers remorse, for sure!

Same problem here, I got an email that said my package would arrive by 8 pm 12/17/19. It’s 730pm and fedex says may package is in Dallas but should arrive here in Illinois by 8pm. I’m waiting…

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You should carefully inspect your installation of the new cable. It’s possible you did not get it lined up correctly or fully inserted in the connector. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve installed something only to have it not work even though it tested out on the bench just fine. It’s almost always something simple that I hadn’t looked at carefully enough and didn’t realize was connected wrong… and I’m a computer/electrical engineer, I have no excuses for connecting stuff wrong.

The odds of a brand new cable being bad is going to be pretty low but you could also carefully inspect the new cable to make sure it doesn’t show signs of damage (any sharp crease or gouge in the covering would be a bad sign).

If all these things strike out, then it’s possible that when the old cable failed it resulted in damage to something else in the machine and you’re going to need to send it in. :frowning:

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Yes, I had the same issue installing my new cable as well (which also seemed to get lost in shipping for a while). I was getting half lights, then lid open, I just kept retrying the connections until it worked after about 10 tries… those connections are pretty tricky it seems, there’s no real feedback (like a “click” or something) when you’ve got it in correctly as far as I can tell. I’d suggest trying a few more times. If not, they’re going to ask for photos of all of the connection points as a next step.

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Something is definitely up with the shipping/tracking, my cable seemingly traveled from Texas to northern Washington, then south to Oregon where it sat for three days before moving back north to me in Seattle.

I have realigned everything, reinstalled it, double, triple checked everything. No dice. I’ll keep trying as we are shut down until it gets back on line. Next laser will come from a company with a phone line and customer service.

I’m sorry the trouble has continued after installing your new cable. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.