Lid Strength



Couldn’t find an answer by searching. How much weight can the lid of the Glowforge take safely?
I know, probably shouldn’t have any weight on it but tell that to my cats who already sit on the scanner/printer. :slightly_smiling:
If it caves in at even a few pounds will be trying to find a solution besides keeping the office door closed.


^^^^also in the cat questioning group… How about a five cat loading? :flushed:


I can’t recommend putting a cat on it, but it does seem pretty tough.


Cat and Dog people are SO different!
The thought of letting my dog sit on my printer is just silly to me.


In the case of cats, the word “let” doesn’t come to mind. You might be able to train the cat not to do it when you are in the room. He’ll just wait until you leave.


I know, We have two of them, that is why they became “outdoor” cats. They do what they want, thus, they now live outside.
Cats are very destructive and will destroy just about everything.


Yes, but it’s warm, has moving bits of light, and gets the owner^h^h^h^h^hservant’s attention – so the cat will have it’s own ideas about laying up there.


Including your soul. (you guessed it - we also have two poop-in-a-box’ers that are completely opposed to us sleeping past 5am)


If you spray around it with certain essential oils or let your cat smell something spicy or very sour every time they do something they will stop. My cat never begs for food bc I always let her smell something spicy. So she thinks it’s bad food. She doesn’t sit on my printer bc it routinely smells like things she doesn’t like. Tin foil is another good way to keep cats off of something, they don’t like how it feels. Or get a big plastic storage box to put over it. Cut a hole for the venting tube.


Hey, thanks for the practical solutions! We normally just let our 4 cats have everything they want–it’s easier.


I’ve trained the squirrels to stay off of my bird feeders. It did required the assistance of an electric cattle fence controller, but after a coupe months of shock therapy the squirrels no long try to get on the bird feeders.

Maybe this will work for the cats and dogs that want to be on things they should be on :slightly_smiling:


There are spiky-mats available for pet training. May or may not work with your specific animal, but cheaper and cleaner than some of the sour-smell gels that I have used in the past.


Can agree: as a former cat owner, a laser cutter would be as star-striking as most people going to Vegas for the first time. Plus I’m sure it makes inquisitive noises, increasing the allure.

@Dan Will there be an API so I can attach servo motors to a standalone laser pointer shining on the ground in sync with the cutter?


Not a cat person, in the UK we have anti pigeon “spikes”(just designed to stop them sitting/pooping on certain moniments/buildings), you could turn your glowforge into a hedhog…


Aluminum foil can be surprisingly repellent, depending on the cat…


Hahaha! Who knew foil such an effective cat repellant.
Thanks for the laugh!


Foil is a fantastic repellent - they really can’t stand the sound it makes. One other thing that is even more effective…just a few strips of double sided tape. They absolutely hate to step on it. After they learn that the top of that “thing” is sticky, you can just peel the tape off. They’ll never jump on it again.


Or just don’t have cats and save all the time and effort and money and clean up of puke and everything…


And miss the beauty that is rescuing and totally conditional love and random ankle attacks? Nevah!


Humans are funny what things we make up and “want” to believe.