Life-size laser art



Most of us have seen these 3D sliced animals - kind of neat to see “life-sized” ones. Check out some of the other things on his site (it’s in Russian so you may have to click around?)

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Ooooh! I like the gargoyles! :grin:


I like that they spell lazer with a z.


very cool. I especially like the elk and the sheep.


Hmmm… Doesn’t Hasbo have that trademarked for Lazer Tag? (Yeah… That’s right. I’ve got half a dozen Lazer Tag guns. Fun as hell on a warm summer eve!)


Love the Elk


me too.


Мне нравится акула.
I like the shark. The gargoyles are great, too.
Fun site.


No infringement, unless he marketed these in such a way as to compete with the game.


Actually not true. For example, “Droid”… the word itself… is a Lucasfilm ™. Motorola had to pay to use the name. They weren’t competing for a movie archetype at all. Motorolla was making a cellphone. Completely unrelated to any movie at all. But the word itself is what’s ™d.


I want plans… How many rubles to the penny?


Whether or not this is true,

Russians are generally less concerned with intellectual property than you and I.
I saw regular blatant rip-offs all over in Russia and Ukraine. I owned a great Eila jacket that looked just like a Fila, and I had some Adibas running pants. Disney properties in colors and qualities that I guarantee weren’t approved by their licensing dept. My favorite was a sport watch I bought for $2ish that was a joint venture between Adidas and Nike. It only lasted 5 weeks before it fell apart; but made me chuckle every time I wanted to know the time.