Light Plywood is coming to the Glowforge Shop! Plus new firmware: 10/26/21 Latest Improvements


I’m ecstatic that Light Plywood is in the Shop, but was puzzled to see that the thickness was listed as “(approx 3/25").”

While 3/25 is the valid fraction equivalent for 0.12", I’ve never seen a ruler with 1/25th increments (or one with odd fractional increments). Accordingly, I’d list the thickness as approx 0.12" (~3mm). If a fraction is absolutely desired, how about 15/128? It’s the closest even fraction to 0.12?


It it REALLY $22 for 1 sheet of 12x20? I must have read that wrong

Yes – Light is the same price as medium ply for each species.

Happy cakeday!

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Why, I remember when draftboard was $4 a sheet and maple plywood was $16. I think basswood was even less. Give me five bees for a quarter, you’d say! Now, where were we…


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