Light Plywood

Is there a way to filter for all the designs that are made with light plywood?

Not to my knowledge, although that’s a great suggestion – you should consider sending it to !!!

I thought one could search the Shop: Search: 318 results found for "light plywood" – Glowforge Shop but that returns every design that includes “not suitable for light proofgrade.”



I know! I will send that question to support. Thanks for the tip.


It is done already…

Take a closer look - that’s the exact same search I cited. Most of the entries state “not suitable for light plywood.”

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Many more are for light plywood. If they mention “light plywood” it is on the list (duh). By adding the word “designs” it may lose some but I see most of mine.

Exactly. You should be able to filter on material type so you can make thing based on your leftover material. Now that may be beneficial to users.


But the OP was asking for a way to filter for JUST the designs that ARE suitable for a specific material. Getting both cases in the return isn’t really useful, although it could narrow them down. Again clearly not what the OP was looking for.

But can’t they add a check box section for the different materials? I think that would be more efficient than typing the material into the search bar.


Exactly. Getting a search return of 318 items to scroll through, for a handful of useful ones is time consuming. This could be alleviated by a materials filter box. Thanks dwardio.

If it is a single layer it will matter little what you use. It is only when parts have to fit other parts that thickness matters. There is a bit of thickness variability in different pieces of the same material but the light plywood is in the same range as medium acrylic so if it calls for one either will fit.

And that is the issue. I only use Proofgrade for items that need to interlock. You can’t edit the files in the GF s/w, so I’d like to know which designs I can source to use my remaining leftovers for. I could redesign the file in second-party CAD s/w to fit the different thickness of materials, but again, that is time consuming. A simple filter for materials would be very useful.


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