Light Saber Layered

My son is asking me to make him a light saber (Darth Maul’s) with my GF. He wants layers cut out and glued together to make a 3D lightsaber. I’m willing to bet someone somewhere has done this before, but I can’t find anything similar in searches. Mostly I find clip art or svg files designed for the Cricut, completely one dimensional.

I know several of you have done layered designs, so where would I start? I need some Yoda wisdom here, or else point me to a file I can purchase, as I can’t find one.

Thanks, Yodas!


Do you have fusion 360?
Edit - Don’t think its actually needed nvm.

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No I don’t. I have Inkscape and the Adobe suite.

Was thinking you might be able to get a free 3d model off of thingiverse and use the slicer to chop it into layers for you. But I can see it possibly causing some issues on the buttons and whatnot depending on the level of detail you want. If you used a thin material it could look really cool but be a bit of a mountain to put together.

I don’t think you actually need fusion 360 looking back at it now.
Slicer for Fusion 360.

If you can’t get the program downloaded you can tell me the dimensions of the materials and guide pins you want to use and i can slice it for you.


You don’t need fusion 360 to use the slicer. I made my husband download the slicer the other day to show him how he can take his 3d files and cut them in the gf. He doesn’t have fusion 360.


Thx :slight_smile: realized that, and edited my posts awhile ago


Sorry, scrolling through on my phone and was just skimming. I saw this line, so I thought I would add confirmation to the statement you made :rofl:.


No worries :slight_smile: Its appreciated, sry if it came across as otherwise. I don’t interact with humans much lol




I did a Google search for “Darth Maul lightsaber diy” and got a few hits, mostly YouTube videos. Maybe you could get ideas from those.


Looks like it would be pretty trivial to create something close by using a dowel or pipe and laser-cut rings. Take an image, do some basic measurements, create cut file. Looks like you’d need 6 or 7 different sized rings for the end caps, same for the mid sections, and a few lateral fins. The buttons could be single cut from 1/4 material.



I did something like this a while back with wood turning. Same kind of principle: slices stacked like tinker toys.


You may find this series of posts useful:


Thank you all for the great ideas! I see I asked the right group of people! My son will be thrilled.

you say that NOW. however after 1500 hours of design fiddling, construction fiddling , and general and generic fiddling , until you get the finished product . you WILL be singing a different tune :wink:

so figure in about 1500 hours. we’ll all be hiding.


Preach it! :grin:

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I have a 3D file now. Are you still willing to slice it for me?

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Sure thing, Where did you grab the file? How thick is your material and what did you want to use for guide pins?

I have to say it is odd Seeing a CELESTE. in print and not referring to my wife :slight_smile:

looking forward to seeing the finished light saber. 1500 hours from now.


There are not too many Celestes in the world. I rarely run into someone who shares my name.