Light Switch Covers

I’ve had this on my things to do list for like a hundred years, finally getting to it. We had the boring standard off white light switch covers on all of our outlets and switches, but I upgraded a couple of them.

These are done in PG walnut plywood, with tiny ceramic tiles added in the engraved areas. I was going for a kind of Mission style as that goes with our house and furniture, but wanted to keep it very simple. For the single outlet I had to add a couple of 1/8” wide frames cut from veneer on the back so it would meet the wall. It could really use another one.

If you are interested in the tiles, I got them from These are the nano tiles. I’ve been having a lot of fun making them into jewelry, but they work great with wood as well. I might try an embellished box next.


Love, love, love the teeny tiles! (I see another rabbit hole looming in front of me.) :smile:


Very nice! And for the first time it dawns on me, lasered switch plates can be not only beautiful, but could include tasteful labels indicating which switches work for which lights / things—helpful for visitors and also for homeowners with aging brains that refuse to remember such details. (Not that I ever have such problems…I, uh…heard about it from a friend. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll have to make her some. :wink:)


Nice simple and functional Thanks for the supplier


Oh my goodness! Love the look! Really stunning work! Off to look at nano tiles!


I like the little score lines around the edge of the cover. I think it adds another element to your design. :grinning:

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Shall we remind you tomorrow?

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Oh wow, I love the second one - just a lovely finish and balance to the design.

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No way!!! I have that exact same Casablanca fan control with the switch on the left and need to make a switch plate for it. Any chance you might share your SVG?? Just need to get the hole placements right. Beautiful job by the way.

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Oh yeah, meant to do that back when I made them.

Just did it:

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This has been on my list of things to do (sans tiles) for about a year. We have a 4 switch plate and I’m planning to (tastefully) label the switches.

I love the embedded tiles! :slight_smile:



All AirBnB hosts should do that. We were staying somewhere this week that had dozens of switches and no indication of what controlled which lights. They weren’t logically (to us) placed so it was a continuous game of flipping switches on & off.