Light Switch Covers Design Files

I meant to upload these designs back when I made my lightswitch covers and forgot to. I was recently reminded to do it, so here they are:


The green area is for engraving a well for the tiny tiles, so if you don’t have those just ignore the operation. The brown lines are score lines just to add interest–you can substitute whatever you like for those.


Almost forgot: if your switch hardware requires a bit of a hollow behind the switch to hold the electrical guts, here is a piece you can attach to the back (I had to for the smaller switch), make it out of veneer or 1/8" plywood. I didn’t need one for the larger switch so you’ll have to make your own.

Edit 3/14/2019 (Pi day!): adding the double switch cover file that I used for my living room, posted here.


And here’s the matching outlet cover:


Edit: and here are all of the above in one zip file: lightswitch (167.9 KB)


Awesome! Always loved this design with the little teensy tiles! :grinning:


Thank you sooooomuch!!! I’ll reply later with a photo of my new switch plate based on your design. Thanks again!!


Decided to keep it much simpler. Didn’t use the tiles or the left switch cutout. Just added some fun graphics and made it just a hair oversized to cover some wall damage.

I used the medium Walnut PG. Thank you again for sharing!!


Well, that’s great! I’m glad it worked for you.

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Thanks for the files

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Thank you! Not sure where … but, will definitely use this!

Never bought the mini tiles … may have to revisit them now. :slight_smile:

Inspired by your post, although I had to build my own since it was 2 switches. :slight_smile:
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Also, if you’re working out of Illustrator for things like this where dimensions matter - Always save as SVG, never export as SVG. For some reason the latter gets the dimensions off, which results in something like this first print:

rather than the 2nd. Really need to get in the habit of testing new designs with cardboard.

I know it’s plain, but the last time I did an outlet cover I went overboard and lost much of a day to a star trek themed rabbit hole:


Save As… is the recommended way from GF so I’d also recommend that too (disclaimer out of the way)

But I never do Save As unless I need to take the file to another machine that ingests SVG. You probably have “responsive” on for your SVG export if your dimensions are that problematic. Search for Export on the forum and you’ll find the AI settings to use

I want to like this again, but…

And totally mean this in the best way and am not going to rewrite that line lol :slight_smile:

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just remember to swap the plates back to UL approved ones before a home inspection or selling the house. Those don’t meet code without a non flammable barrier on the back.


Gosh, that’s a good point! Now I’m wondering if these are safe or I should remove them. Do you suppose there is a treatment I could apply to the back that would make them safer?

I’m not arguing with you - I have no expertise in this area - but is that a regional thing? I’ve never had an inspector take a second look at a switch cover plate. And are the plastic ones just made out of non-flammable material?

In terms of safety (not legally, but just safety) could you just line the plates with something yourself?


Or a new home buyer either :slightly_smiling_face: These would be more likely to get a “cool switch plate” comment than a “can I pull that off to look at the UL symbol?”


USA. requires non flammable barrier. You could glue some thick aluminum foil to the back and cut the openings.


Safe is relative. I do my own electrical work so I know the chances of a spark to ignite the plate is low. I have some plates I 3D cnc cut for my media room.

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Hmmmm. I was thinking of some of that metallic aluminum duct tape like what I use for sealing my Glowforge vent line. But then I would think you would want the thing to be non conductive as well as non flammable.

Maybe line the backs with some of that non-flammable fabric you’re supposed to use for making kids’ pajamas. (Is that still a Thing?)

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