Lights in lid started playing up now wont stop registering lid as open

hey all, the lights in the lid of my glowforge basic recenty started going on the fritz, then today after i did a cut the lid wont stop registering as being open. ive checked all connectors in the lid and at the rear pcb. ive also checked the front door and cleared any debris out of the way in order to try and get it to work with no good results.

This machine only arrived 3 weeks ago and has seen very little use since its arrival so im a bit concerned.

Ugh. I think you’ve done all the right stuff – will probably have to wait for support to weigh in. We’ll be here to console you until then!

im worried its going to be a repeat of last time. guess we shall see

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i should also note for the support staff if i lightly touch the ribbon cable at the back going from the hinge pcb to the lid the lights go on and off and flicker. i feel the ribbon cable has broken and this may have been the same issue that i had with the previous machine. in the previous machine the camera stopped getting power and i suspect it to have been a broken power cable in the ribbon cable the same way as i suspect the power cable to everything else in the lid has stopped working on this model.

I’m so sorry for the trouble. Thanks for providing those additional details. I see you’ve already emailed us about this, and I just followed up there. I’m going to close this thread so we can continue via email.