Lights stated to flicker, camera wont take picture

Hey everyone,
New to the glowforge community but just starting encountering this problem with my glowfordge:
Tonight I turned it on and noticed the lights started to flicker and got error message that camera will not take picture. So basically my glowforge seems to be dead, tried doing a complete clean, including all lenses, checked ribbons and plugs for connectivity but still nothing.
It is a glowforge plus, only 9 months old.
Any ideas? Please assist!
Thank you kindly.

Have you considered your glowforge may be haunted? But seriously, do you have your unit on a surge protector? When was the last time you power cycled with it off for 15 seconds or more?

Those symptoms point you pretty directly at the culprit, which is the black cable that provides power to the light strips and to the lid camera.

If you’re under warranty, Glowforge will send you one for free. If not, you can buy it in the spare parts store.


Thank you Dan84.
So to add to this weirdness the lights have completely stopped flickering, BUT they became SUPER bright, like after 3 minutes the were very warm to the touch.
Now today they seem to back to their normal brightness but still get the same camera error.
Customers are asking if their stuff will be ready for the weekend but at this rate I don’t think so.
My glowforge plus was delivered end of August 2021, would you happen to know what the warranty length would be?
I believe it was a year from delivery but I’m not sure.
Thank you for your help, much apricated.

You have a 12 month warranty from the ship date, so you should be covered still.

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Thank you Dan.
Just gotta wait for them to contact me I guess, which I’ve read could take a while.

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