Lightsabers vs. Laser Pointers: Which is Cooler?


Laser pointers need a name change… how about Laser Guns?


And then there are the universal “stop embarrassing me” comments. Somewhere over the age of 40 playing with a Lightsaber is considered an early sign of dementia. The one exception that I can think of is if you are fighting against a child. And lets face it, that’s not a fair fight. Your arms a longer.

On the other hand playing with a laser pointer is acceptable for children, young adults and the elderly. Even your pets think they’re just too cool.


My cat learned the sound of the switch on my favorite laser pointer. I can click it in my office and he will come running from upstairs. The hum from my lightsaber scares him back under the bed though.


Why not have both in one device? Get the Arctic Wicked Laser and the laser saber kit they sell:

You can light a match and pop balloons with these laser pointers. The laser saber kit has a magnetic ball that rolls down the shaft, so the beam looks like it rises and retracts.


omg - I love it!


My cat comes running if I touch ANYTHING on the shelf where I keep my (her) laser pointer. And it’s where I keep my favorite pen. Every time I reach for my pen, she thinks the pointer is coming out.


My dog figured out that the laser beam lives inside of the laser pointer, so now he just bites at the pointer body. Soft bite, cause I don’t think he wants to kill it right away.


Those are some crazy-expensive lasers!


These lasers can burn your skin. And can pop a balloon 30+ feet away.


I’m not arguing the legitimacy of their cost… just pointing out that they are, in fact, quite expensive. (Though I suppose to some, $199-$499 might be chump change.)


I can’t buy one - they won’t ship to the US. :slightly_frowning_face:


I wonder why that is when their little quiz is all about laser safety from a US perspective? Even the Nano can’t ship to the US. I could get the flashlight though (if I wanted).


You can’t get the highest wattage lasers here.
Adjust the wattage down to a lesser strength and you can get in the US.


So up here in Canada I can buy one of these, but not an AR15 or hand gun. Meanwhile you can get those in most states, but can’t get the thing that burns paper… :confounded::confused:


You need to move to a free US state!


Trade you. I’ve got plenty :slight_smile:


Laser pointer works on my kids just great! We have a competition to see who can make them do a somersault first.


funny but mean…


I went to Vegas for the first time last year for a wedding. The firing range for the bachelor party was insane. I shot a bolt action Remington 7.62 mm. I could of paid to fire a mini gun. I know Nevada is it bit more liberal on that front then the rest of the states, but still!

This guy on YouTube is a fun watch:


The firing range here in San Antonio will let you shoot just about whatever you want. Shot some full autos, but my favorite was the DE 50. An older couple in the lane next to my buddy and me through a stinking fit when we fired off that hand cannon. They started cussing and saying you have to go to the other side (of the range) to fire rifles. My buddy just held up the Desert Eagle and said, “Pistol.” He fired two more rounds and then the couple left. Felt sort of sorry for them since they were right up against the wall, I’m sure the concussion of that pistol hurt, ear protection or not.

Side note, after shooting a .50 cal, I can not think of a single reason to actually own one other than the ability to say, “I own a freaking .50 cal!”