Lightweight Laptop stand

Here is my first draft of a Laptop stand.

It was heavily inspired from But since I can’t open the files, I recreated it from scratch.

I used Autodesk Inventor for the 3D design and then exported it out to Inkscape.

Really tight joint no need for glue. So it could be packed.

It is clearly missing some beautification on the side.

But anyway, here it is plain.


Changed to Mortaise and Tenon joint and added beautification

Upgrade to be made:
-Better use of surface/ better integration in the GF bed dimension.
-Loosen Tenon and Mortaise joint

(Image incoming)
Changed to Mortaise and Tenon joint with a key (the tooth were prone to breaks when disassembling)
Support à ordi v3.1

Upgrade to be made:
-Better use of surface/ better integration in the GF bed dimension.


Nice first contribution but be careful with slot and tab, it is a rabbit hole that when you fall down it you may never find your way out. :smile:


Thank you!

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All hail the Slot and tab Saint, and the Finger Joint God and the Dovetail Mother. May there glory (Laser) Enlighten our path and bind all together.


By the way, technically it isn’t my first submitted, but it is the first I have actually fabricated.


I did a lot of slot and tab till discovering that fingers are much stronger, but unglued all are very much weaker. just twist a bit and the best slot and tab does a hula dance.

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V2 added to first post

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Kind of you to share your file. Thank you!

This is great. I’m totally modding some of these for some A&S display. On that note, I notice the armory in the front corners: SCA?

I don’t see the file posted. Am I missing something? Would you be willing to share your copy if you still have it?

The file is the image : Save as on it you will gain the . SVG.

Not SCa, LARPing ( I know the difference is seamentic by t still) but I am searching a way to make a full samuraï armor for LARPing, if possible using the GF. But at the moment, nothing revealed itself.


who da’man? you da’man.

Have you considered using the GF to mass cut lamellar? That seems pretty straight forward.

Again, thank you for the patterns.

It is, and it isn’t, material wise, doing it in leather isn’t that interesting (quite heavy) and need tonnes of lacquer (which adds to the weight) and is essentially a museum grade armor (which isn’t what I am aiming for) else, would be plastic (surprisingly recommended for SCA-Larping) but there, there isn’t much material option thats is both performing well as armour and performing well as laserable. For example acrylic is great with laser, but is quite sharp and shatters in multiple pieces. so y a, haven’t found what yet.

I printed version 1 and the fit is perfect! Added that little ergonomic adjustment I needed for my arms and neck. Thanks for the share :smile:


Thank you. Be warned, it is quite fragile in transport.

I also made a new version with tenon, Mortaise and keys, not sure of it yet.


How can I download the designs here?? I cannot find any file attachments

You need to right click and Save as (svg) - some browsers won’t have the svg option, if yours doesn’t then try a different browser. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all work.

Note, they included 3 different versions above, click on the one you want :slight_smile:


Nice! Now you should get some nice proofgrade walnut plywood. That would look really sharp.

Oh, thanks!! Was too simple :wink:

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Surprised it is used!