Lightweight Laptop stand

I printed version 1 and the fit is perfect! Added that little ergonomic adjustment I needed for my arms and neck. Thanks for the share :smile:


Thank you. Be warned, it is quite fragile in transport.

I also made a new version with tenon, Mortaise and keys, not sure of it yet.


How can I download the designs here?? I cannot find any file attachments

You need to right click and Save as (svg) - some browsers won’t have the svg option, if yours doesn’t then try a different browser. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all work.

Note, they included 3 different versions above, click on the one you want :slight_smile:


Nice! Now you should get some nice proofgrade walnut plywood. That would look really sharp.

Oh, thanks!! Was too simple :wink:

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Surprised it is used!


Good clean files have serious longevity!

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Ps : Exploration in Monitor stands

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This is amazing stuff. Laserable, and turns from being like cardboard to re-enforced plastic when sprayed with acetone and let dry, and will make compound curves when damp with acetone, and also very light. Not strong enough for actual SCA fighting but light and durable otherwise. A bit pricey but a roll can make a LOT of stuff.

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I used these instead Effingham Plate - Plastic Lamellar

Here a few pictures of the ongoing process, used the laser on leather for the top tho :wink:


Cool stuff and looks great, Do you fight SCA style in that? I have some clay to build a form and the Celastic for a Japanese-style mask, but have put it off for too long I think to use in this plague… Like this but made to have a medical mask inside…

Nice, but no I haven’t got to the meppo yet…

And no not SCA, LARP more softer fighting. But I think it would be SCA appropriate. Now what should I do on the inside ? :thinking:

That is as close as I can find to what I am thinking, but more dragon than wolf. Then I was planning to hold the medical filter (and perhaps red open fabric)on the inside to maximize the air/mask interface and make breathing easier. I even purchased some N95 material to use for it. Attached to the mask with velcro it could then be taken out and washed.

I would also try to have part of the mask match my skin color as used alone, as they show in many photos in Google, the contrasting black or white just doesn’t have the same effect as it does with all the matching armor.

Inside the body armor there is black polyethylene foam I would think. If that is what you meant?

No, I meant for myself…a padded inside? Just a cloth lining?

For SCA you would want more. For Larp IDK as I have not seen that. for SCA I would want heavy leather or 1/2" black foam to keep from having a bruised rib.

Because I will wear a gambeson inside

OK, then not much else is needed. That is the inside.

I printed Version 1. Quick assembly (I don’t plan on taking it apart) and works great in my space.

Love the design. Thanks for sharing!!

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