Limit on how many paths per glowforge job?

I just spent the evening working on a project in illustrator and it wasn’t until the end of it then I realized that something went wrong and I ended up with a bunch of paths that are connected. I tried Pathfinder and all that stuff to try to connect them but it’s not working.

Anyway, so my question is how will the glowforge handle an illustrator file with a bunch of paths (100+)?


We haven’t run into problems, but it all depends - if you post it, one of us may be able to try it out. We never mind test files.


Use cmd + J to connect end points on paths?


Thanks @Dan :slight_smile: Here is an SVG. The project is a lightbox (or shadowbox) and is meant to be cut on semi ridged cardstock. :slight_smile: (This is only one layer of 5 but it’s the most complicated. I haven’t finished the box to contain it yet)


Depending on how you created it, it may cause alot of jumping around or it might just follow each section in order and cut in one line like they were connected.


This is an interesting question. @dan, Before the motion planning gets sent to the glowforge- Is there a preview? (as in it ‘plays’ the cut path not just displays the completed the path.) I’ve used CAM packages that ‘averages’ two connecting points with an incorrect path. And just looking at the completed op did not show the error- but playing it in the sim showed it follow the path incorrectly.


I know that my wife’s cricut air will lock up if too many cut paths are present. I doubt that it is made to handle the larger file size and that may be the problem, but since I have never used a laser cutter it may have the same problem.

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@JeremyNielsen No sweat. This didn’t take noticeably longer than any other print to load up.

At some level of complexity it will time out trying to parse it, but I’ve only seen it once with a comically large file I generated solely for the purpose of annoying our engineering team. And we do some crazy stuff on a regular basis.

@karaelena, this is one of my favorite things. It’s not a preview, but actually a full Glowforge emulator that runs in your browser and parses the same cutfile that gets sent to your Glowforge. That’s why our print timers are so accurate - they’re working with the precise data the Glowforge is getting, down to the millisecond.

But yes, basically you get a preview. :wink:


Is this emulator something that we can try out before our Forge ships?


We’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile: It’s built into the operational software, not a standalone package.


Oh, that’s fantastic!! Thanks so much for taking the time to check! You #rockmysocksoff


Every now and then I get a fleeting perception of what it must be like with all the details that must be finalized as the end of the 6 month delay approaches.
Talk about a Hot Seat!


That is great! I didn’t even know that this was something that I wanted. And now, I absolutely see the usefulness of this functionality. THIS is why having people with various experience is so useful around here.