Line per inch change?

Is it just me or did the “line per inch” selection list increased?
Reason I ask is, I had some quick calibration test files setup with 135 LPI, Full Speed and variable power and saved as such.

The ability to select from a wider range of LPI is awesome but you would at least expect that what is already in place to be kept in place i.e. keep 135 LPI in the list. Now there is no other option to delete the list (one by one, to make live easy) saved settings only to enter with new LPI, Thank you very much GF!

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I believe you can enter whatever value you’d like.

Yes that I know but I was working with saved settings. No entering values, just upload file select saved settings. And I know it’s just a matter of deleting and entering new values.

It’s more the fact that some pre set LPI values seem to have changed and now screw with my work flow.

Would be nice that if they changed it, to keep at least what settings are already in place.
What else could change on a dime in the future and screw things up on a bigger scale?
Also would be nice to delete ALL obsolete settings in ONE go, right?

??? I’ve seen 125 LPI as an option. And 1355 LPI. Can’t remember ever seeing 135 LPI.
(And I’ve also never been able to just key in any entry for LPI, it has always been selected via a scroll down option. I thought that was to keep it in line with the steps the motor takes.)

Are you using that plugin?


I had a bunch of test files deleted. The lesson here is to save things like that on your own device, with settings in a text file or similar. I was not happy about it, but that’s the reality.

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I don’t know the plugin you are referring to, other than the UI.
135LPI was a preset value at time of my purchase and start of me using the machine.

I used that LPI to put a job together that would give me a quick overview of what Speeds and Feeds would be best based for a specific material.

This would mean that I only needed to upload the file, select the setting from the manual list. That’s all. Me being a little frustrated with this, nothing much. Peace and Love

Oh, I’m not saying you’re wrong…just wondering if I’d ever seen it. Maybe I did and just forgot. That’s entirely likely. (Not a good sign.) :smile:

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I know your not saying I’m wrong. No problem sister

Sister. :wink:

Sorry, no problem sister. Previous post adjusted because anyone not correcting their own faults makes 2 mistakes.

Yeah, but it was funnier the other way. :smile:
(And it’s also a common mistake with my nickname…it can go either way.)

Thank you for laughing :laughing:

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It tickles me every time it happens. (Been going on for years.) :smile:

I’ve also never seen 135 LPI. I have seen 135 lines per centimeter, which is equivalent to 340 LPI, I believe.

Search shows a bunch of references to 125 LPI but none to 135 LPI, except this thread.


Well there is the proof. It’s me. Somehow miraculously the UI switched from metrical to imperial. Maybe the cat walked over my keyboard, maybe the cleaners bumped the settings but it wasn’t me!

As a good carpenter I never blame myself, I always blame my hammer :flushed:

Now I just need to instruct the cat how to book that vacation to Hawaii. That way I have the greatest excuse for my wife. Sorry honey, honestly it was the cat!!!


I thought that may be the case after I noticed the flag profile pic. :slight_smile:

Ugh, way do you try to make it personal? BTW the avatar flag is NO representation of my home country but we all make assumptions now and then, right Jules?

I bet you that if my avatar was a picture of me with a towel under my arm you would assume I was going swimming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Late to the party, and realizing that the issue was found and solved, I nonetheless figured out how to set 135 LPI in Imperial:

  1. Open Engrave settings
  2. Select any value
  3. Click in the box and type 135 (do not hit return)
  4. “1355” should appear – click outside the dropdown area
  5. Voilà! 135 LPI in the UI

I’m at work, so couldn’t fire up my GF to see if it would actually process the settings.

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Right! :smile:

Ooooh! That hack still alive? (Yes, it is…how about that! I’d forgotten it completely.)