Lining up Cut marks...getting pretty mad here

Just got the pro this weekend and I’ve been enjoying it so far. But, if i need something to line up exactly to the previous cut…whether board was moved or not, it’s not doing it. I’ve gone through the troubleshooting for alignment and it didn’t do a thing. When it rescans the surface, the image I JUST scanned gets smaller on the board, and even if I resize it to align perfectly, when I get ready to print it, the scan readjusts and it cuts totally wonky…like 1/4"! Someone please help because I’m getting pretty mad.

The camera is rated for 1/4" - check the specs. It’s not designed for precision placement.

That said, You don’t say whether you’ve run the camera calibration process. Most people who have get much better alignment. It will never be perfect, however.

It is pretty hard to understand your statement that the image you just scanned gets smaller on the board. Can you post a photo or give a more detailed explanation? In general, running the lid camera calibration program is helpful, using the set focus tool properly is helpful and utilizing the zoom function is helpful for visual alignment. If precise alignment is necessary, make a jig unless you are using the pass through.


Thirding the recommendation for running the Camera Calibration routine…And after you do, you’ll want to use the Set Focus correctly to get a good view for alignment.


Can get exceptionally close though after calibration and set focus. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry that you ran into trouble with print alignment on yoru unit. So that I can look into this further for you, may I have approximate date and time of the most recent print you ran which wasn’t aligned correctly? Also, will you please run a test print for us so we can extract the logs from the test and take a closer look?

  1. Turn off your Glowforge.
  2. Check for small pieces of debris or dust.
  • Check the lower door to make sure it closes all the way. It may require some force to open, but open it, wipe any dust off the edges, and close it all the way.
  • Remove the tray and clean any dust or debris from the surface underneath. Pay careful attention to remove all debris from the four dimples where the tray rests.
  • Check the lid to make sure it closes all the way. Small particles of material, such as dust or debris, can prevent it from closing completely.
  1. Check the surface your Glowforge is on to make sure it’s flat. Ensure it is not twisted slightly and that there is no debris propping up one side of the machine.
  2. Turn your Glowforge back on.
  3. We included an extra piece of Proofgrade Draftboard with your materials shipment for troubleshooting. Place the Proofgrade Draftboard in the center of the bed and print the Gift of Good Measure using the default settings.
  4. When the print finishes, leave the lid closed and wait until the fans stop and the picture updates. Without moving your artwork or your material, take a screenshot of the Workspace to show us the difference between the artwork placement and the actual print placement. Make sure to include the rulers in your screenshot and show as much of the bed as possible.
  • Mac: Press Shift-Command-4 and click and drag a box around your image. You’ll find the screenshot file saved on your desktop.
  • Windows: Click on the Start Menu and type “snipping tool”. Open the Snipping Tool > New then click and drag a box around your image. Click the Save icon and name and save your file.

Please share the screenshot along with the date and time of the print, and we’ll investigate.

If you touch nothing, the items on the interface, or the material being cut, it will cut in the exact same place even though what it shows you on screen has a change.

Running the calibration routine can make this much less inaccurate but you’ll need to use the “set focus” on several parts just to make sure as the machine adjusts for the wide angle fish eye lens at the point at which you place the focus.


As it’s been some time since we’ve heard back from you I’m going to go ahead and close up this thread. If you’re still having any ongoing issues please feel free to reach out again and let us know.