Lining up cut with camera

I’m seeing a consistent 1.5mm drift between where I’m setting cuts using the camera preview and where they’re actually being cut. Is that expected?

Because it seems like it’s consistent, I can adjust for it by just setting my cuts to the left of where I actually want them, but wonder if there’s anything I can do about this or that’s within spec for the device.


Yeah. GF has confirmed up to a quarter inch is “normal” for now. They’re working on getting it tighter.


Is that within spec for the device? No. Is that the best you’re going to get right now? Probably. That is something that isn’t fully functioning yet and apparently has some significant upgrades coming according to @dan. For now just be sure you have the material height set correctly because that will adversely affect the preview if it is set wrong.


Thanks @jamesdhatch, that’s correct.