Link color to cut setting

It would be great if you could somehow link a design color to a particular saved cut setting. This way everything that is blue will be handled like this… red like this… green like this…

This would sure help me when doing orders that consist of the same types of cuts over and over again.


You can now set up any range of settings in the GFUI and name them anything you wish. It is a bit more hands on but not a lot more.

Yep you sure can but loading new designs 30 times a day and having to select all the “names” for the job each time is a huge time waster and easy to make errors. I would like the Names of the settings to also include color codes so they are automatically selected when I load a new design.

This is a simple adjustment to an already existing set of features IMHO.


Easy also to make errors for most folk as the same design might be used on different materials. but if you have names like “cut walnut 1/4” then that would fit any design that needed a cut in 1/4 walnut, and so forth, but if the design was in zebrawood or wenge then the walnut settings would be wrong, but it would be the same designs.


Yes, there are always was to mess things up. I have designs that have 5-10 colors for 5-10 different types of cuts. So when I load the design I have to go through and mark things as score then this as cut then this as score then this as engrave…only to find out later that I accidently cut instead of score.

The color link would solve this. Of course you can choose not to use it if you like to go through the GF interface settings every time you design something.


Assuming you are using all the same material there is a much more limited final designs. Scores are light cuts and in theory, you don’t need to use at all. Cuts need to be one setting for cutting through and another as a score. Only different depths of Engrave might need different settings or vector engrave plus variable engrave. I do some designs that are all those things but do not have that problem.
Only this design needs many different settings and I can leave that one sitting in the GFUI to use with the same settings each time.


Thanks for the suggestion @jglazer, we appreciate the feedback! I’ll make sure the team gets this.