Link for discussion of January 2022 update

Discussion of the January 2022 update:


I dunno…I’m kinda likin’ that popcorn idea! :smile: :popcorn:


Is it weird that forum "switch “Problems & Support” to “Community Support” is my favorite part of this announcement? Though it’s almost a tie with the jumping salmon key box - is there a gif/video of that in action?


I know you’ve engraved on a grain of rice, @Jules . Have you ever tried popcorn?

Would it pop?

I wonder…


Same for me. I think that’s great.


More than a bit disappointed that you went down the NFT route for something that becomes physical. Despite the carbon offset this is still something you didn’t need to do. Not a good look.

Also, could you update on the launch in the UK. Last I heard you were launching proofgrade in the UK but then nothing. Have you launched? I have no idea. Bit of a damp squib.


I’m torn between my complete apathy for anything crypto, and my geeky need to hyper correct. I simultaneously want to point out how a code that lets you print one of 10 identical copies of something has nothing whatsoever to do with “NFT”s, and also don’t care.

The design looks nice though. And I’m excited for the future. I think we’ll finally get back to normal in 2202.


So what happens with the ‘solved’/‘solutions’ in our stats if staff is not monitoring P&S? Staff is who gives that, correct?

From the sound of it, ownership/credit of each ‘solved’ might qualify a bit more as a NFT :rofl:

Idk, I might be listening to too much Bloomberg podcasts.


Believe solves are marked by the OP, not staff.


Really? I need to try this out…

i’ve marked mine solved before. it may be possible for staff to do it, but the OPs can always do it.


Kudos to changing the Problems and Support forum to Community Support - that feels like it will streamline the process and cut down on support time immensely!

Interesting take on offsetting the carbon footprint for NFT’s, although in general, as an artist I’m against the whole idea. Cute design though.


All I want to know is if Neil Patrick Harris is incognito on the forum. Maybe if everyone that is not Neil Patrick Harris posts that they are not, then by process of elimination… :slight_smile: J.K.

p.s. I’m not Neil Patrick Harris.


Are we not all NPH?


I’m not NPH.

or am i?


I could have sworn someone did engrave popcorn - but as far as my search leads me they just talked about it.

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I’m not NPH…
But I think it would be amazing if he popped in and said hello. :smiley:

Tell me if you try! Now I’m curious.

I believe it’s been available for purchase for a while! If you’re connecting from a UK IP address and it doesn’t show up, please email support.

I believe (not certain) that that’s granted by the person who started the thread.

Also definitely not me.


Thanks for the heads up @dan

I took a look and… well… I hate to be negative but the prices for materials are… to put it bluntly… astronomical. I realise there are probably good reasons for this so this is more of a “heads up” rather than a complaint. I think if you want to be competitive with other suppliers you will need to reduce those prices drastically.

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This all sounds great and I am excited to use all of these new features. The one thing I would love to see is a WELD Key. I use that the most in my editing programs. It would sure save a lot of time to be able to have that key included.
Happy Creating! Margie