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The engrave was successful, @dan . Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), it didn’t pop.

But I had the butter ready, just in case.

Video, 4x speed:


As soon as you put a hole in the shell the ability to hold the pressure is gone so they cannot pop.


Oh, yeah. I forgot that’s how popcorn works. :woman_scientist:


Yeah, when the water in the kernel flashes to steam - :popcorn:
An incredible amount of energy is released in that phase change. It helped power the industrial revolution. Steam pushed trains across the continent.
Most of my life I had thought of steam as what you see coming out of a tea kettle. it’s not, that’s water vapor. if you can see it, it’s not steam. Steam is that 1/2 inch beyond the kettle spout where there is nothing to see, but it will burn you like a torch flame.


It’s not as impressive as engraving on a grain of rice as @Jules has done, but it’s the smallest thing I’ve ever engraved on . It gave me hope for making use of the large pile of scrap I’m accumulating.


I am constantly amazed at the tiny detail you can get on a GF!

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