Link repository - a place for all of us to share our links

*work in progress , will be back to fix up this post

Good day folks.

So continuing from another thread:

So this is a Google sheet for all of us to add to and share our links: Glowforge Settings2021 - Google Sheets

It is open to all to add, edit, and improve. All I ask is that you look to see if your link is already in, and if you have any major overhaul ideas, please post for feed back first.

I skimmed the forum about a year ago, and just haven’t had time to do it again.

If you do not feel like adding to the list, but just want to throw a link at it: GF Forum Link Library
It is a form that one day I’ll get around to using.

I am hoping a bunch of you will be vigilant and help a bit in maintaining and organizing. Two things that are not my strong suits.

Cheers folks!


Thank you. This is great!

That was a fantastic resource list. Thanks so much!