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Good day folks,

I have put together a link collection from the forums. Over Christmas I mined the forums as best I could and with the help and suggestions from a good many Regulars(@polarbrainfreeze, @jacobturner, @marmak3261, name a few), the following link has been formed. It is still a work in progress, so suggestions, comments, concerns, and a better way to post this, is appreciated.

This is community driven, so please don’t get angry at Glowforge for anything. Please add links to it as you find stuff. Also please comment on existing links within the sheet(Google Sheet). To Comment please select a cell in the comment column, then use the “Comment” button on the top right of the screen.

Links have to be manually added, so please don’t expect your additions to be added right away.

All vendors in the collection are not sponsored, just found from the forums. Please suggest more as you find them. If you wish to be critical of a vendor, please comment, but be truthful and don’t be petty.

Also looking for one or two more people to help administrate the Repository. I would prefer a Regular member, and that you enjoy organizing and sorting information. Basically I need a librarian. PM me if interested.

Link to Link Repository

Form to add links to the library
Form to suggest links


What?! Are you kidding me? Thanks so much @jordanloshinsky! I really appreciate you taking the time to put together this resource!

Thanks to you, I can put off rereading/searching all the strings I bookmarked (and learning Diigo for another month or so :wink:).



@rebecca thanks. I have never heard of Diigo. I am looking for a better way to share the info. Does it allow open web sharing and collection?

So, we could turn this in to one big Pinterest collection. Basic Forgers, this is what happens when “regular” members collaborate. Thanks @jordanloshinsky.

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This is fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your time and effort in doing this for everyone involved. :+1: :clap:

Hi @jordanloshinsky. Yes, Diigo allows saving webpages and allowing people to make note and highlight. I needed to download either Diigo or Evernote for an online course I am taking. It’s pretty cool, and there is a free version. Click on it’s title here, Diigo, to see a video. I chose Diigo over Evernote because online reviews said it was built for sharing. I really like the ability (and ease) to save highlighted text on a website.

What an amazing resource!! Thanks so much @jordanloshinsky for putting this all together!

Not as familiar with pintrest. If its transferable , then lets do it

Would it be possible for someone with permission to expand the column widths so the full URLs are visible and also expand the Comments column, too? Thanks! (I can’t do it myself while viewing, so I assume it’s a permission thing.)

THANK YOU, after my own heart with this. I would have thought about this but WOW! excellent.

Wonderful resource! Thanks @jordanloshinsky . I second the request for adjusted column widths.

It is a permission thing. Nothing personal levied at the community , but the less fingers on the sheet, the better. Just for general error and if someone decides to be mischievous. A few regulars have the link to edit. If someone else doesn’t do it before I get home, I’ll adjust the widths, tonight.

This is amazing! I started building my own document months ago but this beats it by far!

Thank you so much for putting this together,

I just widened most of the link and comments. But for some reason, it did not let me widen the one in the “Materials” tab, saying it was protected. So @jordanloshinsky, you’ll still have one to do tonight.

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What I think happened was I was experimenting with protected cells , then leaving the comment section unprotected. Then I could open up the sheet to all. But that didn’t fix the problem with multiple comments . so just sticking to status quo .

This is awesome!!!

I can’t thank you enough for doing this! I had my own list going but not nearly as comprehensive and nicely organized as this. :+1:

Thank you so much! The sharing of this community is just amazing–it makes the Glowforge just that much more valuable!

This is truly an amazing list you have here!

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And don’t forget to contribute your own links with the form link ! I see 10 taps on it, but contributions!