Linoleum: A comprehensive test and why you might not want to try it yourself

Real Linoleum is basically linseed oil and compressed cork dust. I don’t think I can think of a more messy material to laser cut. The oil will cook off (evaporate) and only some of it will burn, the rest will condense back on to every surface in the interior of the machine. The cork will break down in to little specks that will burn, but that just turns them in to tiny specks of carbon instead of cork. And now there’s plenty of sticky oil covering every surface to act as a glue for those particles.



So, did anyone end up using the materials linked to in this reply? How did it turn out?

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There have been lots of discussions regarding using the Glowforge to make stamps which include materials used.

Here is one such post, and there are lots of others if you utiize the search function of the forum.

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