Linoleum Stamps

Has anyone made a stamp from linoleum with their Glowforge? If so what kind of linoleum did you use? Thanks in advance for any help!

If you’re absolutely certain it is linoleum (which is pretty uncommon, and typically only found in specialist commercial applications like hospitals, schools, etc.), then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Absolutely get the MSDS for the specific material you have.

Retail/consumer has pretty much transitioned to vinyl/pvc, which will kill your machine (and anyone who inhales the fumes.) Never heard of either used for stamps, considering the wide selection of materials designed for, or certainly very suitable, that use.


I know some people did this early on, maybe you’ve seen these posts?


and a few other threads.

Typically people use stamping rubber, it’s generally cleaner and easier to work with.


TY all for the help. I was looking at the speedball from inventables and was wondering how they turned out.

Lino sounds doable but messy

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