Live edge engraving issues

I’m loosing my mind with this project. I am wanting to engrave a piece of live edge fir (It is under 2” thick so I removed the crumb tray) with a map. I have done dozens of test engravings and finally got the right setting. I figure out how to align the image to start in the right spot as the camera/alignment were off with each cut (due to the height is my guess). When I FINALLY started the big project the image was so blurry and illegible. If I know the image position and what the material height is….why won’t the GF engrave the image as a flat image?

Please help if you have run in to this and found a solution

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Did you use “set focus”?


Did you prop it back up so that the top surface is within 1/2” of the laser head? Material height is measured from the top of the crumb tray, not the bottom of the GF.


Will that help? That was going to be my next test to see if I manually set focus that it wouldn’t come through blurry

The piece is 1.9” so I just put it on the bottom surface

And what did you enter for the material thickness?

This may help you determine the correct focus height. It’s a great article with lots of helpful comments.

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Thank you Kelly. This is exactly what I need. I will let you know how it turns out.

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It worked GREAT!! thank you for your help


You are very welcome; glad it helped.

Is the font you are using a SVG or are you importing a picture?

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best.

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Don’t know why I haven’t printed this yet. Thanks

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