Live hangout and

Thanks to everyone who turned out this morning for our experimental customer livestream. It was truly amazing talking to you - you all are the reason we do what we do. I’m so sorry we filled all 100 spots, and some folks didn’t get in! Fortunately, we recorded the whole thing, including my kids photobombing the conversation somewhere around the middle.

Thanks to a terrific customer suggestion, we also created a site so you can sign up to help with your creative skills. If you’re a maker, you can volunteer your Glowforge, sewing machine, or other creative tools. If you’re a medical professional, you can request help from the maker community. You can add your name to the list here.

I also promised to post some of the learning resources that you and we shared during the stream:

  • One of our customers recommended (now Linkedin Learning) - it’s a paid service, but many libraries offer free access

  • Our friends at have a host of creative classes, including four classes on using your Glowforge! Also paid, and also free access from many libraries.

  • My brother Ari and I created, where some amazing folks are teaching subjects like music appreciation (by Grammy-award nominated singer Anthony Roth Costanzo) and current events (by All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro), with many more to come… this one’s free!

Finally, I’m posting fun odds and ends my family is making while we’re at home together in Free Laser Designs with #homemade in the title. I’d love for you to join me there.

Stay in, stay safe, and make wonderful things.