Living Hinge Help Please

I cannot seem to get the living hinge to load in Inkscape. I am quite new to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 20210304_153144|375x500

I’m not an inkscape user, so I can only be of limited assistance here. I have seen folks have issues with the extension before. Here is a somewhat recent thread where someone was helped with the living hinge generator extension:

You may be able to edit an existing living hinge pattern to suit your needs.
(That’s what I usually do.)

Some good living hinges files here:

this thread has some free living hinge files:

the link in this thread has some more:

Since this is an inkscape issue, not a glowforge issue, I am going to move the post out of Problems and Support.


Thank you for your reply. I’ll check out those patterns.

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I have found that an easy living hinge pattern can be created with Pattern along Path option in the line options. I usually make fat-ended “sausages” and then put them in memory and update the modify attached to a straight line, That can then be copied down a half distance, and the two lines arrayed as wide as you wish.

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I really like the extension but I have not upgraded to latest Inkscape for fear of losing it. I did have fun installing it in the first place. Sorry.

Anyone else use it with the newest version?


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