Living Hinge Test Chips

I’m almost positive this could be improved, but here’s a bare bones starting point for any interested parties. Eight samples, using the inkscape Render > living hinge on a 1x1.5" rectangle. Takes 6"x 6" for the whole test. I’ve never done anything with living hinges and I was never any good at physics so the scatter-shot approach worked great for me. File might be useful one completely unfamiliar materials to get you headed in the right direction. The image is just a screenshot, make sure you download the zipped file. :slight_smile:

living hinge (3.6 KB)


Thank you for sharing the zip.


Useful. Thanks for sharing.


If the look came as desired but the bend just won’t quite make it, you can always dampen the wood before bending it.


Hey, thanks! I’ve only ever used one type of living hinge—about time to branch out.


Nice share! Thank you.

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Awesome, thank you so much for sharing! I have been wanting to try some…now I will! :grinning:

Any idea why i can’t find the living hinge option under Render? Did it go away with an update?

I’ve never seen any living hinge extension in Inkscape on Mac…

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Thank you! I was just looking for a starting point. This helps a lot!!!

You can download it from inkscape’s website and to install it there’s .config directory on your home directory with an inkscape folder where you can put in extensions, templates, etc. Restart inkscape
after dropping the files there.


copy to here: /Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/.config/inkscape/extensions

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This will come in handy when using materials purchased locally that can vary in manufacturer and quality from purchase to purchase, month to month.

Thank you.