Living Hinge Pencil Box Pattern


Thanks for you endless generosity!!!

Your designs are awesome!!!


Thank you so much, Ruth! This is such a nice gift! Loving living hinges … will have to make whether I need a pencil box or not! Thank you!


Thank you!

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Sorry to be ‘that person’ in the thread, but I can’t find the file to download? The link in the description just goes to the thread in the other topic “Made on a Glowforge”. Is there a link I have missed?

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Welcome back. I can see where you might be confused but the pattern is the first picture in @geek2nurse 's post. If you right click on it and download it, It will arrive as the SVG file that she is talking about. Svg files can be very confusing as when you paste one you can barely see it but you can adjust how big it is displayed without changing the file as she has done,


Love it! You could sell this amazing design. Thank you :kissing_heart:

Mother’s Day present for my mom.


Maybe when I retire. :wink: Until then, I’m happy sharing with my friends!

Your box turned out great! Nice work!