Local techs that can help fix things? Can’t get ahold of service

Honestly I’m super disappointed. I’ve had my glowforge pro for 2 years and somehow for a 6k machine I can’t get a human being on the line or via email. I’m having some pretty simple issues that seem to be repairable or fixable even just over the phone. I needed to use the laser today and still no response to my emails or voicemail!
Maybe someone here can help?
I’m trying to connect my glowforge to a new wifi network. The button turns teal and the network pops up, I connect to it and… nothing happens. The button remains teal.
The usual app screen is stuck on an image of my last job and says “aligning”. When I try to cancel it or choose “align manually” I get “an unexpected error occurred”

Honestly there are NO settings or wifi connectivity information on the laser app screen. Nothing to even show if it’s connected or not. I used to love using this thing and it’s been probably 6mo since I turned it on. I’m disappointed in the lack of support from the company.

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Is it 2.5ghz? If it’s 5 it won’t work.


Maybe this will help?


Thank you! I got to the “success! Your glowforge is connected to the network” page, but now when I go to the dashboard it says “offline”


Have you connected your device back to your local wifi network?

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