Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Model

I made this for fun and to challenge myself in Fusion360. I think it turned out pretty cool and it ended up being pretty easy to build as well. Enjoy!

Check the comments for more photos!

Print Instructions
Select a 3mm (1/8") material. I used ProofGrade Medium Maple Plywood and it worked out fantastically.

After uploading the SVG, set the labels layer to SCORE - draft quality.

All the other layers set to CUT and the order of the cuts should already be ordered properly based on the SVG color coding. The cut order in GFUI should be:

  • Labels (SCORE)
  • Holes (CUT)
  • Supports (CUT)
  • Parts (CUT)

Total print time should be just under 14 minutes.

Assembly Instructions
Start with the base plate/wing and insert all of the the support pieces.
For each of the support pieces, match them to the plate by their alphabetic label. Some pieces have additional markings to help you install them in the proper orientation. The basic strategy to the supports is that they all taper inward and most all of the flat faces (sides w/o pegs) face inward, but you can reference the diagram below if you get stuck. Install the exterior plates in alphabetical order with the labeled sides facing inward so that no lettering is visible on the outside.

f117-assembly-community-rev2.svg.zip (11.5 KB)


Holy cow!! Well done sir, well done!! I have a brother in law that works for LM… I am sure I see a model as a gift for him in the near future :smiley:


Super cool, thanks for sharing the design


Very cool looking - and I love how the support notches look like rivet lines down the outside :slight_smile:


Nice work

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That is an amazing piece of engineering! I will be making that soon! Thank you for sharing!


Great design job. Thanks for the photos, write up and file.

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Wow. Very creative and very generous of you to share. Thank you.


Did you paint this after?

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Fusion 360 is addictive. You’re obviously a lost cause…


OK so I got this ready to go and was thinking to use BB plywood, but the slots seem impossibly small when opened in Inkscape, 0.08" square. That’s too narrow for 3mm material, my estimate is 0.118 square for pegs. I can scale it up without an issue, but I would just like to be sure I understand the scale it was intended for.

Can you update the file with a scale shape, say a simple square that is 1" per side?

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Sure, sounds like a good idea. Just updated the SVG with a 10mm square.


After I scaled it, I ended up with wingspan of 7.753". Probably pretty close to intended? I cut a couple of test parts, they fit nicely, so now I’m doing the larger cut.


I measure a wingspan of 192mm.

Yeah two coats of black matte and this thing looks great. Needs decals to really take it to the next level.

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Yeah I was 196.9mm. About right for slight variance in material thickness.

Color me impressed.


Wow! Neat plane! Thanks for sharing. That will be fun for the young one to work on!

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So cool!

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OK so I made mine last night, and gave it a black spray base coat. So far, so good, nice model.

Then… I hit it with a coat of Black 3.0. When it mostly dried I took a look and just giggled, this thing is pretty awesome. Pics later once I have a second cost of black on it, but thought I’d share my in progress thoughts.

In short, nice model.