A-10 Thunderbolt Model

I’ve been searching but coming up empty-handed. Looking for a 3D tab and slot model of the A-10 Thunderbolt; something like @iufer created here. Does anyone know of such a model or know of someone who might be commissioned to create one? Thanks in advance.

Things are a lot easier when the plane is nothing but planes. Round complex curves are hard! :upside_down_face:

Still hoping for some assistance.

You can buy them apparently from $15.00 to $850.00 :exploding_head:
And even made of wood. but there would be a lot of hand work involved.

What I’m looking for is an actual ‘file’ of the model that is as detailed as possible.

The plastic model could be a good start as all the parts are the same scale. by scanning or measuring them you could have a decent “file”. Paying someone else to do that work might cost that $850.

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