Login to site from other location

Hi. I was remoted into a PC in another state and wanted to check my status. I received the “bad email/password” message. Curious, I’ve now tried this on several other computers, all with the same response. My login works just fine from my home PC, and I’ve triple-checked the email and password.

Any ideas? I’m assuming you’re using some kind of geolocation limiter?




Depending how you were remoted in you could experience various perceived modifiers happening. This happens quite frequently with RDP managers, for example. Try typing your PW into the username field to see if any of your characters are being modified.

Hi, yes, I do a ton of rdp work. Typed it in notepad to make sure nothing dumb like capslock or other charmap issues. Thanks though.

Can you post a screenshot of the error you’re getting?

It’s the exact same screen as you get with an invalid email or password.

So… is that your way of saying “No?”

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That is an interesting experience.

Is anyone running their GF behind a VPN?
Have there been similar limitations?

Yes, and no. Mine’s fine. (Remoted in frequently over the holidays.)

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Tom’s question is valid – if you search the forum, you’ll find reports of two different login error screens. One is the main app login and the other (usually associated with opening two browser sessions, hint, hint) is a more generic appearing dialog/alert box. Answering Tom’s question would have helped us (as well as :glowforge:) help you.

In the meantime: Yes, one may successfully login to the app from more than one location and they can be on separate continents. There is no evidence of geofencing in use. Please try signing out of all browser sessions (I realize this can be difficult if you’re off-site), clearing all browser caches, then trying again. If you plan on remote app access, it’s best practice to logout of the app at home before heading out.



Hi. Thanks guys. This is the issue (and resolution). Multiple logins from different browser sessions are not allowed. Not 100% sure why, but maybe it will hit me when the box arrives next week. :slight_smile:
Thank you both for your assistance and patience.


Pretty simple, really – If the app allowed simultaneous active sessions (regardless of their point of origin), it would be really hard to determine which session had primacy and should have control. Imagine that we shared a GF. If I sent it the Gift of Good Measure moments after you sent it the Founder’s Ruler – what should it do when you press the button? What would it do?

Not exactly. I’ve been on multiple machines & logged in. It’s not supported or guaranteed but it can work which makes tracking down errors caused by it hard to track down :slight_smile:

I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!