Logo from a Photo

Hello Everyone,

I am using InkScape and I would like to get an SVG file out of picture I took of logo. Is there any way I can do that? Thanks in advance.


I am thinking bitmap trace?

I will have to verify that in a bit.

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Do you have the original artwork to work with? You won’t get good results from that photograph.


Since that’s all text it would be easier to rebuild it in Inkscape than to try to force it to make a clean trace.


I agree with @ekla that it’d probably be easier to recreate the logo.

You might use something like

to try to identify the fonts – or at least find similar fonts.

If you do try to trace it, try to take another photo with less reflective glare of the sun.

Good luck!

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This could be helpful it’s from the website

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Not the kind of place that has a high quality vector of their logo, or even has a consistent logo, I suspect :slight_smile:

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I did not have access to the original.

absolutely not. He’s the builder doing my addition. Not going the best lol

This was a fun process. Took a while but I liked the results. Close enough in my book. Thank you!


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