Logos showing up twice once with outline

I’m trying to make keychains for our annual giving campaign and for some reason, when I add the logo, it comes out twice to cut, so I have to ‘ignore’ one then engrave one. I create this in AI, with the logo selected, I click "object > path> outline stroke for the JPG to show to engrave. Should I be doing this another way?
thank you!

I changed the text to engrave as well instead of cut…

It would help if we knew what software you are using. I have seen this many times using Illustrator.

I think the fact they said:

is a clue…

You probably have an outline and a fill, or duplicate paths, or various technical things. But I also want to try to convert you to Rasterfarianism.


Could you expound on this? That sequence of steps in AI should not so anything to a JPG.

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